Transportation Information


Bus Drivers

Green Bus - Ms."T" McCants

  • (850)336-0200

Purple Bus - Mrs. Rhonda Smith

  • (850)336-0427

Yellow Bus - Ms. Renee Davalt

  • (850)336-2205

Blue Bus - Mr. Herman Grace

  • (850)336-2207




Bus Safety Rules

Be On Time:

  1. Be at your stop five (5) minutes before the bus.

  2. The driver will not wait for stragglers.

  3. If there are no sidewalks to walk on, face the traffic and walk on the shoulder of the road.

  4. Walk in a single file line.

At the Bus Stop:

  1. Stand away from the highway at the bus stop.

  2. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop & the door is open before moving toward the bus.

  3. Use the handrail when boarding the bus.

Bus Manners:

  1. Normal classroom behavior is expected while riding the bus.

  2. Go directly to your seat & sit quietly.

  3. Eating or drinking is not permitted on the bus.

  4. Keep the aisle clear at all times.

  5. Large or heavy items should be transported to school by parents.

  6. There must be complete silence at all railroad crossings.

  7. Nothing should go out of the windows (hands, heads, trash, etc.).


When You Get to Your Destination:

  1. Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

  2. Follow directions given by the bus driver.

  3. Use handrails when leaving the bus.


  5. Move away from bus as quickly as possible without running or horse-playing.

Crossing the Road Safely:

  1. Walk 10 large steps ahead of the bus at the end of the road.

  2. Before crossing, STOP & look at the driver. Wait until they signal you to cross the road.

  3. Walk quickly across, stop at the left edge of bus before crossing the street & check both directions to be sure the roadway is clear.

  4. Walk to the other side of the road. Do not stop to retrieve dropped items.